About Gray Beard Productions

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All benefits go to Children's Charities.

Gray Beard Productions Inc. is a nonprofit 501c charitable organization that holds functions and provides funds to benefit children in need.

Over the last 11 years through our events, we have been able to donate tens of thousands of dollars to such organizations as Shriner's Hospital for Children, Special Olympics, and Children's Hospitals of Wisconsin-Fox Valley.

Our main event is the Fox Valley Motorcycle Show held annually the first Sunday in June at South Park Oshkosh, Wisconsin - a show to benefit a children's charity.

In 2016 we will again be proud to give to the Children's Hospital - Fox Valley a regional hospital for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

We at Gray Beard Productions are one of the few nonprofit organizations to appoint an audit professional, Trabbold Accounting & Tax Service.

Letter from Children's Hospital.

Mohawk Man Says ***ATTENTION***

Imagine that you're walking down a long hall, as your walking down this long hall you see people in long white coats standing around talking to each other. You notice a smell, one that you don't normally smell. You keep walking you see many doors, finally you come to yours. You open the door and as you open it you see a little girl. You wouldn't know she's a girl because her hair is gone, but she has pink on. As she smiles back at you, you see tubes, wires and many other devices attached to her. You notice she seems rather small for her age, and her eyes although sparkling with joy from seeing you, seem worn and tired. Now imagine this girl starts to cry, and says she wants to go home. She tells you she doesn't want to be here.

Then the people with the coats you seen in the hall come in, you realize their doctors. They tell you this little girl isn't getting better, she will have to do more test, and she will have to stay longer. More tubes, more needles, more equipment. They tell you her chances of surviving are about 30%. You look back at this little girl, and she smiles and tells you it will be alright.

Now imagine its 'YOUR' CHILD!

Every day at a children's hospital this is what happens, and every day one of these Angels die. But 'YOU' can help. Take time today or tomorrow to come to the Oshkosh central park in Oshkosh WI and help us make the difference, after all it could happen to your Kids, family or even 'YOU'.

I have taken up this mission years ago because I believe we can help, I believe we can cure most of these problems and diseases. But we can't do it without 'YOU'.

~Mohawk Man